She Drives CFI: A Guide To Life on The Road as a Female Truck Driver

CFI's Professional Drivers Share Their Stories

According to recent data from the Department of Labor and the Women In Trucking Association, the total number of female truck drivers may have increased by as much as 88 percent since 2010! However, women still only make up around 13% of all professional truck drivers. Clearly, obstacles remain that discourage women from pursuing life as professional truck drivers.

At CFI, we're setting out to change the ratio. We've asked our industry-leading professional drivers to contribute their experiences to our newly-revised, unique guide for female truckers. 

Download our She Drives CFI eBook to find:

  • Real-life stories from featured female professional drivers
  • Advice for living a happy and healthy life on the road
  • Some tips on getting started in your own truck

Our She Drives CFI guide offers a great starting place for anyone who is just beginning to consider a career in trucking as a woman, however, we think it will also hold value for female drivers who are looking to learn from and connect with a community of women in the trucking industry. Inside you'll find stories from experienced women who have worked as OTR drivers for more than ten years and across millions of safe miles, as well as insights from newer drivers who have more recently chosen this exciting career. Please fill out the form below to download our guide and join us in reading and sharing these stories of women who are driving possibility every day!

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